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Post by Rhydis on Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:59 pm

Character journals are a way for both the players and the GM to keep up to date with their characters adventures.

As such I am implementing a Character Journal system for both the Players and the Leaders. These are entirely optional however help me as your GM immensely as it lets me keep tabs on things i've said, done and ruled on. It also gives alot of fluff and insight into the way your character thinks as they should be written from your characters point of view it also allows for you to reflect upon your characters decisions!

Each journal entry should describe what happened in the session from your characters point of view, it can be detailed as much or as little as you like so long as it has key points described and the writing style fits how your character is.

Upon writing a journal you can either post it in the dedicated journal section of this forum or send it to me directly on Discord. Personally I would prefer it if you posted it on the Forum as it will be an excellent place for me to easily see and reference each journal entry.

For every chapter (session) you write about I will award you +1 Trainer xp after I have read it. Just in case you felt you needed a bit more incentive to write these journal entries!
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