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Ashir News - Habitation Station Infestation Empty Ashir News - Habitation Station Infestation

Post by Rhydis on Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:01 am

There seems to have been an outbreak of Bug Pokemon recently in the Habitation Station, particularly Sponee, Tricwe and Smore, they have been invading the Habitation Stations Fishing town for around about a two or three weeks now, causing havoc in varying ways. Sponee absorbing water from the citizens, sometimes spraying it at those who startle them, tricwe feeding on electricity and causing power outages throughout the habitation station and Smore eating valuable crops and generally damaging the plantlife. This is all despite Javans best efforts to quell the infestation peacefully, perhaps we need a more 'permanent' solution?

Where these creatures are coming from is unknown, however some have said they have seen them coming in droves from the hills, others have said they have seen them coming from the forest. Ashir news reached out to the leader, Eizaz, for comment:

[A video begins to play of an interview with Eizaz in the habitation station, there are lots of webs seen in the background of the shot]

I'm looking into it to try and find the source.

[painful pause]

I've asked for the Guardian Pokémon to help out, but Gyarados and Milotic are somewhat limited in their movement.

I've been getting no luck so far and while we can fight these swarms off all day it doesn't solve the problem (Trevenant tells me), so I'm going to ask for Javan's help.

She's better versed with Pokémon knowledge than I am, so she might know a bit more.


[A Sponee jumps onto Eizaz' left shoulder and fires water at the cameraman, showing a little scuffle with the small, sponge like bug pokemon before the interview shuts off]

It is clear at this point that Eizaz is requesting help from Javan whenever things get out of hand, though Javan has been there before to quell this outbreak (And succeeded temporarily) but it’s never all too long until it starts again, it’s clear at this point that something needs to be done about the source of the issue.
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