The elemental gauntlets!

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The elemental gauntlets! Empty The elemental gauntlets!

Post by Rhydis on Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:58 pm

Now that you have acquired a badge, you will have access to a whole slew of new equipment, in this announcement I would like to focus on the Elemental Gauntlets!

The elemental Gauntlets are Main/Off-Hand equipment that grants Moves (And sometimes capabilities) to the wielder! They are always a Special attack based gauntlet and there in one of every single type!

At base power they grant a single move (Usually at will, with a few exceptions) and sometimes a capability based on the type.

As you earn more Badges you are able to acquire upgrades for your gauntlets! Specifically at 2 badges you can get the first upgrade and then at 3 badges you get their final forms!

The second stage grants a new move based on the type in addition to the other move, it is usually more powerful but lower frequency (Often EOT) than the previous move. (With a few exceptions)

The third and final stage grants 2 new moves based on the type, in addition to the other moves from the previous two stages! One of these new moves is always a utility move, rather than a damaging move and the second of the moves is a very powerful but low frequency move (With a few exceptions)

Additionally if a gauntlet grants a stuggle based capability (Such as firestarter or zapper) this can be extended to a weapon as a swift action to make it's next struggle attack the relevant type!

The list of gauntlets is as follows:
Normal: Sonic Gauntlet, Grants Echoed Voice

Fire: Burn Gauntlet, Grants Ember and Firestarter

Water: Aqua Gauntlet, Grants Water Gun and Fountain

Electric: Spark Gauntlet, Grants Thunder Shock and Zapper

Grass: Earthen Gauntlet, Grants Absorb

Ice: Snow Gauntlet, Grants Powder Snow and Freezer

Fighting: Combat Gauntlet, grants Vacuum Wave

Poison: Acid Gauntlet, grants Acid

Ground: Mud Gauntlet, grants Mud-Slap

Flying: Wind Gauntlet, grants Gust and Guster

Psychic: Myst Gauntlet, Grants Psywave

Bug: Swarm Gauntlet, grants Struggle Bug

Rock: Gem Gauntlet, grants Power Gem and Materializer

Ghost: Omen Gauntlet, grants Ominous Wind

Dragon: Draco Gauntlet, grants Dragon Breath

Dark: Unnerving Gauntlet, grants Snarl

Steel: Magnet Gauntlet, Grants Knuckleboom and Magnetic

Fairy: Fragrant Gauntlet, Grants Fairy Wind and Alluring

Light: Beam Gauntlet, Grants Light Burn
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