JAD Terminal, places to visit!

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JAD Terminal, places to visit! Empty JAD Terminal, places to visit!

Post by Rhydis on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:54 am

The following is a list of places to visit in JAD Terminal

Commercial sector (See Shop index for more details)
Zandr Star Casino , for all your high-stakes gaming needs
JAD Park , for your relaxation and leisure activities
Residential Sector , homes, daycare and the JAD Academy can be found here
JAD Courts , contains the courts for trials and also the police deployment and work quarters
The Brig , exactly what it says on the tin, 3 tiers of containment, basic criminal, high-risk criminal and severe-risk criminal. There is only 1 inmate in the severe-risk containment unit.
Observatory , a 0g play park as well as a location to view distant celestial bodies
Gym and Training sector, a traditional gym, allows training of strength and fitness, as well as combat prowess and sparring
Javasharp Industries, Javan's company, innovates and designs new technology to aid humanity in their ever progressing journey through the stars. Also houses Javan's Gym.
Draco Mountain, one of the more dangerous locations of the Humanities star, full of dragon type pokemon, puzzles and some particularly strong Pokemon, these strong Pokemon are said to act as 'guardians' for JAD Terminal.
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