Habitation Station, places to visit!

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Habitation Station, places to visit! Empty Habitation Station, places to visit!

Post by Rhydis on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:24 am

The following is a list of places to visit within the Habitation station

Meadow Fields, the main meadows of the Habitation station, contains fields of crops, flowers, trees and a large variety of Pokemon
Habitation Fishing Village, a small village where fishing is common, has a small populace, but is quaint and full of life and tradition
Eizaz' Mansion, Eizaz is often happy to receive guests when they are in.
Brachen Hills, the fishing village comes out onto a beach area and above the beach area are the Brachen hills. Containing a more mountainous and hilly climate for Pokemon to live
Alolan Habitat, A habitat specifically designed to house Alolan Pokemon and replicate the climate of Alola, relevant Pokemon that are evolved here may evolve to their Alolan forms.
Underwater Passageway, an aquarium with airlocks where you can go for a deep sea swim, this passageway connects the Alolan habitat and the Brachen Hills. Acts as an acquatic ocean habitat.
Sparkling Forest, A forest that sparkles all around with dew, all year round. It is said that this forest contains some exceptionally powerful Pokemon that act as the "Guardians" of the Habitation Station
Eizaz' gym challenge, REDACTED
New Plutopia, a village resembling Plutopia from Pluto, the residents there are survivors of the "Pluto Incident" who wished to start a new life on the Humanities Star resembling their old life.
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