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Occult Sector, Places to visit! Empty Occult Sector, Places to visit!

Post by Rhydis on Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:10 pm

The following is a list of places to visit in the Occult Sector

Kaeleen's Historic Museum, a museum that displays old technology and occult objects, as well has a section on history, ran by Curator Kaeleen who is also Pauls assistant
Libraries, a library, well known for it's Ghost type Pokemon, but also has a gigantic selection of books of all genres as well as generally a place to get a 'quiet space'
Occult Labs, labs where research into all things occult and supernatural occurs, a special experiment known as "Experiment One" exists here, often used in special combat tests
Defense Grid, a detachable defensive fortification with enough firepower to deter any attackers from assaulting the Humanities star. Rumour has it that it has enough firepower to destroy a planet.
The Shipyard, the location where new spacefaring vehicles are created and tested.
The Graveyard, a graveyard to respect the fallen. It is guarded by a powerful "Guardian" Pokemon of the Occult Sector
Waste disposal, a section of the occult sector that handles the disposal of waste materials, often compressed to be recycled and reused with high efficacy. This area houses a powerful Pokemon that acts as a "Guardian" of the Occult Sector
Salvaging Wing, an area that is exceptionally efficient at recycling all manner of things, it has a device that can quite literally transform the molecular structure of something to transform it into something much more useful. This process is costly on power and takes time, however it is one of the reasons that the humanities stars supplies last for so long.
Paula's Gym, REDACTED
The Underdark Theatre, a theatre led by an very skilled and talented Pokemon, they put on shows of magic, hypnosis and all kinds of performances. A simple search will reveal a poster for "The amazing Malamar", it is said that they act as a "Guardian" of the Occult Sector.
Temple of the lost gods, a temple placed at the end of the graveyard which stands as a memorial of the long lost gods of old, it has lot of information about each god, their domain and what they did. It was created by Paula to allow those who still had religious beliefs despite everything to have a place to practise.
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