Medical Sector, places to visit!

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Medical Sector, places to visit! Empty Medical Sector, places to visit!

Post by Rhydis on Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:57 pm

The following is a list of places to visit within the Medical Sector

The mess hall, part of the main foyer of the Medical sector, in here feasts and large celebrations take place
The preparation Hall, a top chef Salazzle governs this area all food preparation, whether it be for storage or distribution is done here
General Storage, a storage chamber for general non-perishable supplies
Cold Storage, a storage chamber for more perishable and frozen goods, some powerful pokemon that are said to be "Guardians" of the Medical sector govern here
Medical Ward, the main ward for anyone injured or in need of medical attention, complete with operation suites, a classic Pokemon centre aesthetic and general wards and therapy lounges can be found here
Medical labs, all medical research is performed here, major advancements are made on a daily basis in the field of medicine. Also has a cryogenics lab. The medical labs house a powerful Pokemon said to be a "Guardian" of the medical sector.
Emergency accomodation, a large facility underneath the main Medical facility, people are brought here when they are in need of urgent medical attention, but the spaces above are full. Some less than desirable individuals have taken a liking to parts of this area.
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