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Post by Rhydis on Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:05 pm

Further a conversation with Jared about augmentation shock, I have decided to document it here:

Augmentation shock causes your characters Augmentations to completely deactivate in the event of taking a significant (25% Max HP without shock resistance, 50% Max HP with shock resistance) electric type damage, augmentation shock can also be caused by a number of other issues, such as EMP technology or jamming signals, etc.

The issue came from the idea that some people may have augmentations to help preserve their life or give them mobility in a previously destroyed leg for example. I as a GM genuinely cannot stand "Instant character death situations" I don't find them fun and think they're just a huge fuck you to someones time and effort when creating an intricate character concept. As such augmentation shock will never cause character death directly unless the player is actually being completely stupid and has been warned numerous times of the consequences of their actions in the event of failure.

As an example someone may have been born with a heart defect which resulted in their heart beating irregularly, preventing oxygen being properly distributed throughout the body, this irregularity meant they needed to be on life support, they are thusly fitted with an augmentation that stabilises their heart and helps with their breathing. As such they actually gain +2 to athletics checks when doing stamina based checks, such as running a marathon or swimming against a strong current.
If this person is then hit with a significant electric move or something that would otherwise disable their Augmentation they will lose their +2 bonus to athletics in those instances, however their augment will still be able to temporarily maintain their hearts normal beating pattern for a limited time, in this instance the user will be fine if they are not deactivated for a prolonged period.

The user may also undergo various role play effects, in this examples instance they may undergo difficulty breathing or if someone had an augment giving their legs mobility, they may become tripped on that round.

However this does not mean they are completely safe, if they have their augment deactivated for an extended period of nebulous time, their heart will begin to beat irregularly again and they could suffer significant injury or even death in these instances
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