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Post by Rhydis on Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:59 am

Greetings! After deliberation on the matter I have a potential solution for the catchup problem, Catchup experience! The aim of this is to make your Pokemon that are below a specific level threshold. (This can change but in general should be slightly lower than the ideal Pokemon level for the arc that you are currently on) So if the ideal level is level 40, then the threshold would be approximately level 35 or so (Subject to change).

Catchup experience will be calculated and given along with the usual Pokemon experience in your respective experience channels. (I will also be adding something else in these sections so watch them!) But in general when experience is given out, I will say what the level threshold is and anything BELOW this threshold will gain DOUBLE the experience they would usually gain (The actual number will be calculated for you, so don’t worry about having to do maths)

This is currently a bit of a bandaid fix for a bigger problem with the system, the experience system and levelling system (particularly for Pokemon) in general. So I will be potentially working on an overhaul for the ENTIRE experience system, but this kind of change is so ludicrously massive that it won’t appear any time soon.
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