Ashir News - Tragedy! Bastion returns from expedition in critical condition

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Ashir News - Tragedy! Bastion returns from expedition in critical condition

Post by Rhydis on Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:34 am

Bastion, Leader of the Medical Sector returned from his expedition late last night in a desperate critical condition. He had went on an exploration expedition with a number of other volunteers from the station, Cyrus, the head of Augmentation, Nyla, lead Chef and high dreamer of Pansages and Renaya, the Occult sectors head of scouting.

The three of them were injured but nothing massively threatening, though Bastion did not appear to be so lucky, he has returned with life threatening injuries from their expedition. According to Renaya, who refused to comment too much further about the situation, stated that their expedition took them to a verdant planet that had it’s settlements lying in ruin called Terraclite. Apparently an exceptionally powerful Pokemon rose up to eject them from the planet, something Renaya called “An Avatar.”

After being utterly defeated, the three fled the scene while Bastion stayed to hold back the creature. Only escaping once he was sure the others had escaped, the 3 of them found Bastion collapsed on the planet and made a hasty retreat with him. Apparently, Cyrus’ quick thinking and medical expertise kept Bastion stable until they could return to the Humanities Star and get him to the critical wards in the Medical Sector.

We reached out to the head of Medical research in the Sector, Lero, but he gave us a short comment: “We are working as hard as we can to restore Bastion to full health, until then, we cannot comment on the matter”

I for one, wonder what on earth this ‘Avatar’ could have been to have taken down a skilled crew and a leader like this.
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