ANNOUNCEMENT: The Douglas School of Research and Development

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Douglas School of Research and Development

Post by Rhydis on Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:41 pm

Recently a new build has been approved for JAD Terminal. Work will now immediately begin on the Douglas School of Research and Development, a university that will offer education to the highest level to anyone that completes their previous education to an acceptable standard.

The university will feature educational sections for each field of education focusing on all aspects of education, from occult researchers, to pokemon trainers, to physical research and development.

The campus is slated to take 4 months to complete and will be located to the east of Draco Mountain, with an easy walkway to access to area. Until the time arives that the development of the actual campus is completed, the development will occur within null space so as not to interfere with anything within the Humanities star and upon completion it will be attached to the relevant area securely and safely.

This University is erected in memory of Andrea and Nuka Douglas, who gave their lives to save countless people and pokemon before the disaster which befell the Earth.
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