Mollett, that crappy DM what does your campaign

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Mollett, that crappy DM what does your campaign

Post by Rhydis on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:56 pm

Sup, I probably need to introduction at this point, but want to anyway. I'm Mollett your unfriendly neighbourhood DM!

I have been doing this whole RP thing since I was 15, so it's been like 8 years and I started tabletop around about 6 years ago at this point, 5 years ago I discovered this interesting system you may have heard of, Pokemon Tabletop united and being a huge Pokemon fan, decided making a campaign for it would be big and clever.

This current campaign and everything I have created/improved on the system is the culmination of those 5 years of DM'ing. Last year around September time, while laying in the sun of the Spanish coast, I came up with an idea for making a futuristic setting, and what you see around you is the result of that!

I have pretty much begun the arduous (But super fun!) task of fixing and improving the PTU 1.05 system as best I can, while keeping the feel of the PTU system, mostly because the upcoming PTU system update is changing so drastically changed that all i'm not sure I even want to use it anymore.

Anywho, I love running PTU and playing them vidya games things or just generally talking about random crap with people, also Heliolisk is best Pokemon Wink
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