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Post by Eizaz on Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:36 pm

Hello, I'm Stephen, brother to the GM and I'll be playing the role of Eizaz in this campaign. Eizaz serves two purposes, a revival of an old character concept using new mechanics from a campaign that did not kick off and a solution to the sorely failing Magical Girl quota in this campaign.

Eizaz was appointed leader at the age of 16 and in the two years of her reign she has done her best to maintain the habitation station, usually through beating up pokémon and people who are causing problems. Her goals have been to maintain the biodiversity of her sector and create her own garden, where she takes on challengers. She's generally easygoing and has supported projects to improve the sector such as the Alolan reserve. Harvests have improved and the forest has flourished since her arrival which implies she's been doing something right, but her detractors will typically cite the extinction of Psychic forme Exeggutors' as evidence against her competence.

Eizaz is typically known for her terrible sense of direction, fear of the cold and, well, one other feature so obvious you would have to have 1d6 perception to miss it. Her partner is a Cherrim that adores fighting, especially during sunny weather.

If you're after more, you'll have to find out in-game. As for myself, I'm a competitive pokémon battler with great knowledge of the games, I excel at mathematics, have a degree in nuclear physics and these days I work in a science marketting call center.
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