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The one that plays Hel Empty The one that plays Hel

Post by Hel on Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:09 pm

My name is Jared. The only American in the challengers group. I am a dyslexic that is a stickler for correct spelling. I won't correct people because I never can tell what I read is truly there. I have started playing tabletop games in 1996(D&D 2nd). Mostly I like playing characters that stay out of the way and watch. I tend to slowly make my characters develop based on what the world does. You can ask Devin about some of the characters I played as. Now for the important shit. The more tired I am, the less of a filter I have. I work nights for the most part, so that means small filter. Every once in awhile I will need to walk around my house. I had surgery at the age of 9 and have moderate to severe arthritis in my left hip. So if I am quiet, hope that is just me walking around and not having a seizure. Yes, I get those too.

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