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Official Challenger List Empty Official Challenger List

Post by Rhydis on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:28 am

The current official challenger list is as follows:

Challenger Group 1
Hel (Played by Jared)
Nova Astrus (Played by Jack (Skye))
Valk Vigourril (Played by James)
Clark Panzer (Played by Kie)
Rin Shimamura (Played by Megan)
McDuck Fernando D'allessio (Played by Mollett)

Challenger Group 2
Wynne Skyshaper (Played by Mollett)
Su'zerkial "Suzy" (Played by Ayth (Devin))
Lady Gwyneth Mohini (Played by Ruth)
MAGNUS MAGNIUM (Played by Jacob)
Jade (Played by Stephen (Ski Gloves))
Silvia Lynes (Played by Angus)
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