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Binary Platform Residents Index Empty Binary Platform Residents Index

Post by Rhydis on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:38 am

The following is an index of residents within the Binary Platform

Isaac, Head of robotics and technology as well as Leader of the Binary Platform
Isaac?, Isaac?
Glenn, Acts as Isaacs assistant in the Binary Platform, often used as a proxy for Isaacs orders
Cyrus, The head researcher of Augmentations, said to be one of Bastions old friends from before he became a Leader
Melonni Tsui, A new addition to the Binary platform and one of the Cyropod group, she researches Poke balls and Augmentations and their combined applications, she also works as a lifeguard within the Alolan Sector in the Habitation Station
Skarlet Tsui, The wife of Melonni Tsui and one of the Cryopod group, she lives within the Binary Platform with Melonni but is gaining traction as a Priestess of Rayquaza within the Occult Sector.
Jericho Skyshaper, Adoptive brother of Indigo Fernow and son of Wynne Skyshaper and one of the Cryopod group. They were once a member of the Elite Four of the Plahto Region before being frozen, they are a skilled Electric Type trainer and specialize in weather research, often down in Asteroid Cave.
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