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Occult Sector Residents List Empty Occult Sector Residents List

Post by Rhydis on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:40 am

The following is an index of residents within the Occult Sector

Paula Tergeist, Head of Occult research, the Supernatural and Security, as well as Leader of the Occult Sector, living with their partner Dr. Javan A Douglas.
Kaeleen, Curator of the old earth museum and also Paulas personal assistant
Ray, Previously a bounty hunter by trade, fought with Paula over leadership of the Occult sector, but ultimately accepted him as the leader. They are the head of Supernatural teaching and also work exceptionally effectively at hunting down criminals when the need arrises
Owen, a mysterious occult researcher who sasses Paula all the time but also spearheads research into Alchemy.
Austyn, Head of the defense grid, they ensure that the defense grid is always ready to launch when the station is in danger from spatial sources.
Dr. Javan A Douglas, Founder of Javasharp industries and Leader of JAD Terminal, residing within the home of their partner, Paula Tergeist.
Opal Douglas, Child of Javan and Paula.
Ami Douglas, Homunculus Child of Javan and Paula, has an exceptionally oversensitive understanding of Life.
Gwyn Genma, A member of the rivals, recently Married Hel Genma, a rare species of mystery dungeoneer, Occult Researcher and owner of Helyn Sent.
Hel Genma, one of the challengers, daughter of Sari and Tidus Genma, skilled with card games and games of chance, notorious for their 'winning streaks' in the Zandr Star Casino in JAD Terminal. They are married to Gwyn Genma.
Su'zerkial "Suzy", One of the Rival group, A Stylph who researches and spends alot of time in the libraries of the Occult Sector, generally quiet, lives with Gwyn and Hel Genma
Renaya, Head Scout of the Occult Sector, they never stay in one place for long, they are a skilled Ninja and gather information all around the station, working to help keep it safe. She often seems to just vanish for days at a time.
Indigo Fernow, Adoptive daughter of Wynne Skyshaper and one of the Cryopod group, has been taken under Rays wing, learning the ways of bounty hunting. Distinctive for their blazing right eye and short temper but with exceptional resourcefulness, adoptive brother of Jericho Skyshaper.
Apollo Calypso, One of the Cryopod Group, they came to Ashir Studios where they very quickly worked their way up and became an actor, their big debut is scheduled soon as the main star in the new Action Packed Historical Film: "We call it... Bernhard", it is also said that they have been working with "The Amazing Malamar" as of late too.
Jason Moon, one of the Cryopod Group, they work with Renaya as a Scout for the greater good and are the Son of one of the Gym Leaders of the Plahto region in the distant past, Vincent Moon.
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