Occult Sector Residents List

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Occult Sector Residents List

Post by Rhydis on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:40 am

The following is an index of residents within the Occult Sector

Paul Tergeist, Head of Occult research, the Supernatural and Security, as well as Leader of the Occult Sector
Kaeleen, Curator of the old earth museum and also Pauls personal assistant
Ray, Previously a bounty hunter by trade, fought with Paul over leadership of the Occult sector, but ultimately accepted him as the leader. They are the head of Supernatural teaching and also work exceptionally effectively at hunting down criminals when the need arrises
Owen, a mysterious occult researcher who sasses Paul all the time but also spearheads research into Alchemy.
Austyn, Head of the defense grid, they ensure that the defense grid is always ready to launch when the station is in danger from spatial sources.
Dr. Javan A Douglas, Founder of Javasharp industries and Leader of JAD Terminal, residing within the home of their partner, Paul Tergeist.
Opal Douglas, Child of Javan and Paul.
Gwyn Mohini, A member of the rivals, a rare species of mystery dungeoneer and an occult researcher.
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