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Post by IRL_Gengar on Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:32 pm

My name’s Megan. I’m 20 years old and am from Northern Ireland (hence the accent). As a side note: I am not Irish I British, and Northern Ireland is a completey seperate country to the Republic of Ireland - we kinda had a war over this, so I would appreicate if eveyone didn’t refer to me as “from Ireland”

Anywho - I started playing pokemon in 2007 with Diamond being my first every pokemon game - followed by the original Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mustery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. Since then I have become completely and utterly obsessed with the series. Sinnoh is my favourite region with Plantium being my favourite Main series title and Explorers being my favourite game over all.

I started RP last year after joining Teesside University’s TableTop Society (where I study T.V. and Film Production in Second Year) and was imtroduced to PTU shortly after with Jacob running a campaign that sadly ended due to time issuses. It was a lot of fun though.

In SPES I am playing Rin Shimamura - a character who’s concept and personallity has changed so drastically of the course of their creation. Originally I had planned for Rin (previously called Mimi) to be a young but populat Idol who just really wanted to be a magical girl. That then changed to a Researcher with a love of Lovecraftoan horror, back to an Idol, and then finally to the Rin you all know and (apprently) love today.

Rin is an... odd character - originally I wanted to try my hand at playing Not Reigen from Mob Psycho 100, but pretty much in the first session that went put the window since I’d forgotten I’m really not great at social role play. I like to think I’m slowly getting better but only time will tell.

Ghost Type is Best Type and Gengar is best boi, thank you for reading. ✨✨✨

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