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Write a cheat sheet! Empty Write a cheat sheet!

Post by Rhydis on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:43 pm

As a GM I have many, many stat sheets to reference at once. When it comes to trainers this is particularly time consuming, however I tend to write down each major feature/edge and link each ones together to determine combo's easily. Having this directly in front of me is invaluable when it comes to ensuring that I have the correct combos and moves ready when said trainers turn comes around (I can easily have upwards of 6 trainers on the turn order at once to control at times)

This does not however only apply to me, even though you as players have only one major sheet to reference, it can still vastly speed up your decision making on your turn, PTU is inherently a slow system in general, however it can be sped up by determining your actions while waiting for your turn! For example Ruth (Javan) uses the online google doc character sheet, on said sheet there are sections for features and edges, which gives the full description of what each feature/edge does as well as any crafting recipes and such. She has printed these sections of her sheet off and stuck them to the wall next to where she sits, vastly improving her decision making time!

tl;dr: Write a cheat sheet! It helps speed up your decision making process and thus speed up the system as a whole!
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