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Post by Rhydis on Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:25 pm

You can find a link to download these documents in the announcements section of the discord server!

I would post the link here but it redirects to a really shifty url shortening site that makes accessing the actual link a HUGE pain.

This file contains:

  • SPES 1.06.4 GIGADOC, your core reference for classes, abilities, moves, items, etc.
  • PTU 1.05 Core Rulebook
  • Game of Throhs supplement
  • Do Porygon Dream of Mareep supplement
  • Indices and References
  • PTU 1.05 February Playtest Pokedex
  • Useful charts
  • Pokemon Sun & Moon Pokedex
  • Pokemon Uranium Pokedex
  • Pokemon Sage Pokedex
  • February 2016 Playtest Packet, detailing updated abilities.
  • May 2015 Playtest Packet.
  • September 2015 Playtest Packet.
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