Rules of this Forum section!

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Rules of this Forum section! Empty Rules of this Forum section!

Post by Rhydis on Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:03 pm

There are some simple rules for this section:

  • ONE THREAD PER TOPIC, this keeps everything clean and easy to locate
  • Try not to deviate from the question in the topic, thats for the discussion forum in the OOC Section
  • Each topic is should be self contained, discussion is highly appreciated and encouraged! The GM is NOT all knowing and ALWAYS right (Contrary to popular belief) so challenge rules that you may disagree with.
  • BE RESPECTFUL in the end the GM does have the final say, if you disagree with a rule, challenge it, but respect the final decision, the GM will ALWAYS give their reasoning for a decision
  • CORRECTLY TAG YOUR TOPICS There are three tags for your topics, please tag your topic correctly based on what type of topic you are creating, this aids in searching for specific topics:

    1. [QUESTION]: Self explanatory, this topic is a question being asked by the poster about the rules
    2. [DISCUSSION]: This topic is for an idea or disagreement in the rules, the players and GM can discuss these ideas/disagreements here
    3. [RULING]: Usually will only be used by the GM, however this is a ruling that has been decided upon for the topic in question

Essentially questions and discussions are highly encouraged, one a final decision has been made the GM will edit the first post at the top of the topic with the final answer, you can ask questions and even challenge decisions made in session. For example if the DM decides NO AUGMENTS, and you don't like that you can challenge it here with your reasoning as to why.
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