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Ashir's Celebrity news: Paula! Empty Ashir's Celebrity news: Paula!

Post by Rhydis on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:49 am

*An upbeat introduction played and the camera pans over a live-audience, cheering. Upon the stage were two sofas and a coffee table, facing the audience, with a backdrop of a morning view. Sitting on one of the couches was an attractive woman with styled brown hair, bright blue eyes and a smart suit. She smiled as the camera faced her and spoke with a cheery voice.*

C: Hello, and welcome to Ashir’s Celebrity News! I’m your host, Cara Day, and this morning we have a wonderful interview with none other than the Occult Sector’s very own, Paul Tergeist!

*There were cheers from the crowd.*

C: For those who are not aware, Paul is our Occult Sector’s Gym leader, head of Occult Research, head of Security and Supernatural extraordinaire! A very busy person indeed, it is an absolute pleasure to have them here today, and we hear that there is a surprising announcement they would like to give during this interview! Please, give up a warm welcome to Paul Tergeist!

*The crowd claps and cheers as the cameras pan to the entrance, where Paul is expected to emerge.*

*A young woman walks out in a soft lavender layered dress. Its cut at the front to show off her pure porcelain white legs and her matching high heels. The dress has a flower motif, and lot of ruffles. Her short cut shoulder jacket had ruffled sleeves. Her black hair was pulled tight into loops kept up with ribbons that carried the flower motif. She was smiling and walked confidently onto the set. Walking straight up to Cara Day. She stuck her hand out for a lady-like handshake. She spoke with a smile*

P: Hello Cara, I go by Paula Tergiest these days.

*Cara smiled back, and she shook Paula’s hand and guided her to a seat.*

C: Wow, Paula! I have to say, you look fantastic! This is certainly unexpected, but a wonderful delight to meet the real you! So, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your story?

*Paula smiles and sit down on the other couch, crossing her legs.*

P: My story? I suppose I can tell you my secret mysterious past.

*Paula giggles to herself before continuing.*

P: I was born on Earth to a parents who apparently wanted a lot of children. There was 9 of us in total. They got ran off the road by a drunk driver when I was five. From there we moved to Sundown Station, where my grandparents trained all of us as berserkers.

*Paula took a break to drink some water and Cara gasped softly, the audience murmured between themselves.*

C: My goodness, you’ve certainly had a tragic childhood, and must have been difficult growing up with so many siblings on a station so far away from your home planet. You have my sympathy, Paula.

*She looked at her sadly for a moment, before she cleared her throat and sat up.*

C: So, your transition - may we ask how the procedure went? And… why now? What changed in you that made you decide that you wanted this permanent change now, rather than when you first arrived here?

P: You may ask, it is frankly why I am here. The procedure went wonderfully. I was in and out within approximately one week. As for why, well recently I've gotten into a relationship with the beautiful Dr. Javan Douglas. After some time we had some very personal heart to hearts where eventually I admitted to myself that this is how I want to live my life.

*Paula gave a honest smile.*

P: She's made my life so much happier.

*There were awws from the audience and Cara smiled sweetly.*

C: That is so lovely to hear. How is your relationship with Dr Douglas? Has there always been a spark between you? I think many of us recall the scolding that was given when you first met the challengers and took down G- one of them.

P: Its been a whirlwind romance, she's been totally wonderful about it all. Very charming and a hopeless romantic. She has a favorite line she tells me anytime she has the chance, but that's staying a secret.

*She made a cute face and stuck out her tongue. Some of the audience members swooned.*

P: She's just a very motherly and kind person, so she of course wanted to rein me in a little when I was rather rough on them.

C: I think we can agree on that, Javan certainly is a sweetheart! So I can’t help but notice that you have a very beautiful ring upon your finger - is there some *other* news you’d like to share, Miss Tergeist?

*She gave a wink at Paula, who held up the ring helpfully. She spoke sheepishly, and blushed.*

P: Well… We're already engaged. I know how it seems, but I can not see my life without her anymore.

*The audience applauded and cheered. Some mumbled under their breath. Cara just smiled at Paula.*

C: Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful couple. Is the big day going to be a public or private affair? I’m sure there are many members of the public who would love to support and cheer their gracious leaders.

P: I'm sorry but I am the one that requested it to be a private ceremony. So, I am afraid I will also have to keep the details of where and when a secret.

C: This is understandable, it’s your day for your love! But how is your relationship with Javan’s adorable child, Opal? Does she see you as a second mother? And what about Jadirel? How does he feel about your relationship with his Goddaughter?

P: Opal calls me mum and its the cutest thing. I love Opal to bits and if anything happens to her…

*She leaves the sentence to drag, a very menacing implied threat with it.*

P: I, of course, have talked to Jadirel about this, and he's given his blessing to the marriage. He's been a real sweetheart through it all.

C: Sounds like everything is on the up for you and the Douglas family! So who’s last name will you be taking after you wed? Will there be a Javan Tergeist, or a Paula Douglas?

P: We've decided that I will take Javan's name. I will no longer be the leader with the pun name after the wedding, I'm sorry. I'm aware there were fans of it.

*There were a couple of screams of “We love you, Paula!” as she waved at the audience. Cara chuckled.*

C: Well, it looks like our time is running out for this segment. I suppose the final question we’re dying to know is how will this affect your work, as a leader, and a trainer? You previously seemed like such an angry character, but look at you now! The life and love of your dreams, you’re practically beaming!

P: I'm still just as capable, Cara, I'm sure you'll only see a difference in that I am just generally... happier. I'll be back out on the streets to keep you and everyone safe if I can crawl out from under my paperwork mountain.

*Cara nodded and smiled. They both rose to their feets and embraced. The audience applauded. After breaking off, Cara smiled at Paula once more.*

C: Thank you for coming here Paula, please, give it up for Paula Tergeist!

*The audience cheered as the exit music began to roll, and Cara guided Paula out from the stage.*
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Ashir's Celebrity news: Paula! Empty Re: Ashir's Celebrity news: Paula!

Post by Javan on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:30 am

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