Ashir News - Assault Thwarted by Heroic Challengers

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Ashir News - Assault Thwarted by Heroic Challengers Empty Ashir News - Assault Thwarted by Heroic Challengers

Post by Rhydis on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:35 pm

The new recent arrivals to the station, the first major challenger group to come take on the Leaders of each sector showed off their heroic skills yesterday, a man came running from the alleyway behind Meloetta’s Song and yours truly’s own offices gasping for help, before apparently being captured within one of the highly restricted Javasharp Human Balls, how they managed to get ahold of this ball is purely speculation at this point, however it is widely known that they could only acquire them through Javan herself.

The challengers themselves appear to have been given the hospitality of the members of Zandr’s Nightclub (The owner and proprietor of Zandr Star Casinos) allowing them to rest well as a small reward for their heroism, the guard at the front of the door witnessed a commotion however ‘stoically’ stood his ground at the door so as to not leave his post.

We were able to get an exclusive interview with one of the challengers themselves, a rather small yet well spoken Alien creature calling themselves Valk of the Vigourill

[[A video of an interview between Valk and Ashir begins playing]]

Ashir: "Thanks for stopping sir, my name is Ashir, head journalist of Ashir printing and Journalism inc. would you mind answering a few questions regarding what occurred in the alleyways earlier? Firstly, whats your name? And what brought you to become a challenger on the Humanities star?"

Valk: "I..."cautiously eyes the drone "My name is Valk, of the Vigourill. I'm here to prove the strength of my people in the eyes of Humanity...Jadariel invited me..."

Ashir: "Ahh, very good, so your people are the Vigourill then?" Ashir seems to be on auto pilot at this point

Valk: Yes, we are, Jadariel came to our world and found us fascinating, I suppose, as a Knight-Errant I couldn't refuse the idea of proving myself and my people through the challenges he offered

Ashir: "Sounds intriguing, I will have to get a follow up interview with you about your world and people, however onto the matter at hand."

Ashir: "You were involved with the fight in the back alley here correct? What happened? What compelled you to get involved?" The camera shows some of Valk's injuries

Valk: Valk looks down at his own injuries and smiles, himself going onto autopilot a little "I think that the word would be an attempted kidnapping; I wasn't prepared to let that happen. These people were trying to take someone, and when I tried to stop them drew weapons and sent out pokemon to attack me. Thankfully my friends were nearby. They were taken by your 'police' so the people needn't worry."

Ashir: Ashir smiles "That is excellent to hear and it's also good to know that members of the public aside from the Leaders and myself would put themselves into harms way in order to help others He seems to have a little bit of a cocky smile on his face thanks for the interview Valk, do you have anything else to say before I wrap this up?"

Valk shakes their head

Ashir: "Well its been lovely to talk to you Valk"

[[The video of the interview ends here]]

We also reached out to Javasharp for a statement on how these people were able to get ahold of the Human Balls in the first place, we were able to speak briefly with vice-president of Javasharp industries, Andrea. She confidently stated that “No employee aside from herself and Javan has access to the Human Balls and those that were arrested following this assault were never hired by Javasharp industries”

Troubling indeed, then how did these people get ahold of such dangerous balls in the first place? I Ashir think I have an answer for you, I think it is related to the failings of the Leaders 2 years ago, but thats a story for another time.
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Ashir News - Assault Thwarted by Heroic Challengers Empty Re: Ashir News - Assault Thwarted by Heroic Challengers

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