Binary Platform, Places to visit!

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Binary Platform, Places to visit! Empty Binary Platform, Places to visit!

Post by Rhydis on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:48 am

The following are places to visit in the Binary Platform

Robot Labs and Innovation Labs, the main labs of the Binary Platform, every major technological innovation is made here or in Isaac's private lab.
Poke Power Flats, a specially designed habitat for electric type Pokemon, the floor here is made of unique super conductors that take the natural discharges of the electric type Pokemon and uses it to generate power for the station. This area also has 'recycle pools' where water is recycled with 100% efficacy, the water comes from the Habitation Station. This also is home to a powerful tech-happy Electivire that acts as a "Guardian" for the Binary Platform.
Power Level, the generator level, which creates and stored power for the entire station and distributes it to emergency 'batteries' scattered all around the station in case of a fault. The generator emits a powerful gravitational field as part of its power generation process. It has been known to be used by Bastion for Strength and high-gravity training.
Holo-deck, a simulation deck where areas and blueprints for new areas can be simulated, massively helping the creation of new areas around the humanities star and can also at a a "Combat simulation" training deck.
Asteroid Cave, A cave behind the Poke Power Flats, it houses a habitat for the more cave oriented Pokemon and specifically houses a Pokemon said to be a "Guardian" of the Binary Platform
Isaac's Lab, It's Isaacs lab, for some reason no one goes there but Isaac
Isaac's Gym, REDACTED
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